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Conversación Entre Vassili y Lewboy
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  1. Lewboy
    07/03/2009 04:59:07
    hey unfortunately i wont be online bro, im going to a gay and lesbian parade in the city (no im not gay or lesbian!!) but im going to try find some bi sexual girls to hook up with hahaha and get!!!
  2. Vassili
    06/03/2009 21:21:04
    Ok, registered ^^
    Tonight I'll be on hunting a few, see you online I hope!
  3. Lewboy
    05/03/2009 04:51:13
    hey mate we got a new guild forum, the link is:

    make an account there when you get time, hope you're well!
  4. Vassili
    03/03/2009 00:17:25
    Hey, I'm not gone, just got some probs on my PC (I'm using an IMac atm and can't play Tibia here) I hope I can log on tomorrow, wanna get lvl 94 on saturday or sunday.
    And by the way, thank you for my new rank! ^^

    See you soon!
  5. Lewboy
    02/03/2009 23:29:12
    hey mate its lewboy from Eternia...We are wondering where you've gone??

    we miss you! let me know.


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